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contains personal workarea items for FredY
Postmodernism and the Future of Humanism
An essay by Michael Werner, 1991
Moral Pluralism in a Postmodern World
An essay by Michael Werner, February 25, 1995
Rulemakers Beware: Tables to Turn Tomorrow
An essay by Eric Zorn, 9-9-97, on John Rawl's "original position".
Humanist discussion group meeting Mar 06, 2003 from 01:30 AM to 03:00 AM DuPage UU Church,
"The Liberal Politics of John Rawls: Why be Fair?", a presentation by Fred Yankowski John Rawls is one of the most important political and ethical thinkers of the last century. His 1971 book, Theory of Justice argued for a conception of politics based on liberal principles of equality, fairness, and concern for the disadvantaged. I will present a summary of the key points of his argument, based on reading his recent book, Justice as Fairness. We will consider these questions: + What does it mean to base justice on fairness? + Does this conception of justice agree with Humanism? + What does Rawls mean by "original position", "veil of ignorance", and "difference principle"? + Is this conception of justice realistic, or is it a utopian vision?
Humanism is
The American Humanist Association's definition of "humanism".
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Driving Directions to DUUC
How to get to the DuPage Unitarian Universalist Church.
Lester Mondale's Religion
A short anecdote from Mike Werner about a conversation with Lester Mondale.
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Humanist Chapter Picnic Sep 04, 2005 05:00 AM Oswego,
Please save the date: Sunday of Labor Day Weekend --September 4th--for a Humanist Chapter Picnic. The location will be at Jack and Perry's home and yard in Oswego. Details to come later.
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